#Long Range Hunting | Applications

#Sako | Sako 85 Long Range rifle | Stock: flat fore-end, double studs, attachment of both the sling and bipod | Muzzle brake: reduces recoil | Actions: six different sizes (CSA) for each caliber,controlled cartridge feed (RCS) to eliminate double feed or cartridge jams,turn-bolt | Barrels: drilled, honed, cold- hammer forged, finished and finally individually inspected by human eye,twist rates are chosen for each caliber to optimize accuracy and bullet performance,non-reflecting, satin-like surface | Magazine: staggered, two-row, made of stainless steel, detachable,can also be loaded through the ejection port, total control prevents accidental magazine release | Safety: two-way safety locks both ttrigger and bolt handle,bolt release allows to load or remove cartridge from chamber while safety is engaged | Trigger: adjustable from 1 to 2 kg (2–4 lbs)

#Savage | 110 Long Range Hunter

#Sig | Riflescopes | Rangefinders

#Mosberg | Mossberg Patriot Long Range Hunter

#Ruger | Rifles

#Remington | Remington 40-X Long Distance Operator Rifle

#Christensens Arms | Mesa Long Range Rifle

#Daniel Defense | PRS (Precision Rifle Series)

#MasterPiece Arms | Building Rifles, Chassis, Pistols and Accessories

#Tikka | T3x Lite Veil Alpine | Mountain terrains and snowy landscapes | Cerakote coating | Muzzle brake | Fluted bolt with oversized knob | T3x Polyfade

#Bergara | Premier Long Range Rifle

#Howa | Hogue Rifle

#Barret | .416/.50 Caliber Rifle

#Marlin | Lever Action Rifle

#Sauer | Hunting Rifle Scopes

#CZ | Centerfire Rifle Categories

#Beretta | A7 Long Range Rifle | BRX1: linear reloading system, ambidextrous bolt, rotating head lock with 8 lugs (16 for magnum calibers), interchangeable barrels, 3-position safety, M14 threaded barrel, polymer forend and stock, adjustable trigger weight, 5-round detachable magazine | Via Pietro Beretta, 18, Gardone Val Trompia 25063, Brescia, Italia

#Browning | X Bolt Max Long Range Rifle

#Franchi | Rifles designed by hunters for hunters

#Mauser | Long Range Chassis Rifle

#Merkel | Single Shot Rifle

#Benelli | Lupo Bolt Action Rifle

#Blaser | Blaser R8 Long Range .338LM Rifle

#Lynx | Lynx TD21 Rifle

#Snowyn Mountain Rifles | Rifles designed larger scopes with a built in adjustable cheek rest and enhanced recoil management

#SIG Sauer | Hunting Rifle Scopes

#Heckler Goch | Rifles with glass fibre reinforced plastic components

#Springfield Armory | Bolt action hunting rifles

#Mossberg | Patriot rifle platform

#Accuracy International | Battle hardened rifles

#Applied Ballistics | Ballistics Apps

#Leopold | Long Range Tactical Riflescopes

#Zeiss | Rifle Scopes

#Burris Optics | Eliminator Laserscope

#Lapua | 338 Lapua Magnum cartridge

#Federal | Ammunition

#Norma | Cartridges

#Wheatherby | Weatherby Hunts series | Carbon fiber barrel

#Remington | 40-X Long Distance Operator rifle

#Marlin | Lever-action rifles

#Hornady | Ammunition

#Nosler | Long Range Bullets

#DeadAir | Suppressor for Big Bore Rifles

#SilenceCo | Precision hunting suppressor

#EliteIron | Hunter Elite Range Ready Packet

#Bushnell | Long Range Competition riflescopes

#Krieger | Barrel contours for bolt action rifles

#Huskemaw | Optics

#Ceratoge | Ceratoged Hunting Rifle

#Ensio Firearms | Ergonomic Rifle Chassis

#Brux | Barrels

#Shilen | Rifles

#Vihtavuori | N165 Powder for exceptional longrange performance

#Hodgdon | Powder

#UTG | Scope

#Buffalo River | Bipods

#Vanguard | Rifle

#Leapers | Accessories | Optics

#Hordany | Hunting Bullets

#Brenneke | Munition

#Sako | Sako 90 | Rifle models specifically designed for mountain and backcountry hunting

#PROOF Research | Bringing new class of American-made products to firearms, aerospace, and defense industries | Barrels rifled using single-point cut rifling, lead lapped and thoroughly inspected at multiple quality control stations throughout manufacturing process | Carbon fiber and steel barrels | Bolt-action barrel blanks ready for thread and chamber by gunsmith | AR-style barrels threaded and chambered | Bolt action Pre-Fit barrels threaded and chambered | Carbon fiber barrels | Aerospace-grade carbon fiber

#Capstone Precision Group | Bullet jackets | Berger Bullets

#Nammo | .338 series (8.6mm): | 8.6 mm x 70 .338 Lapua Magnum Lock Base | 8.6 mm x 70 .338 Lapua Magnum Scenar | 8.6 mm x 70 .338 Lapua Magnum Solid

#Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP) | Standardized rules for proofing of weapons and ammunition for the participating countries, each country accept the proof marks of the other countries | 338 Lapua Mag | 338 cartridge: 14.93 mm (0.588 in) in diameter (rim); 93.5 mm (3.68 in) long: . Penetrate better-than-standard military body armor at ranges of up to 1,000 metres (1,090 yd); Maximum effective range of about 1,750 metres (1,910 yd); C.I.P. conforming ammunition at sea level conditions